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Anna De Filippi, M.S., LPC-Associate
Supervised by Dr. Felecia Powell-Williams, LPC-S

Hello, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate supervised by Dr. Felecia Powell-Williams, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, a Child & Adolescent and Adult Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst at the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies in Houston, Texas.


No matter your age, it is one of life’s challenges to put difficult feelings and experiences into words. You may not yet know what is causing your suffering or symptoms, making the choice to ‘talk to someone’ amidst a busy schedule even more daunting. While words cannot capture it all, they are nonetheless a precious tool. Taking the time to speak to a non-judgmental and attentive listener can help work through what previously felt unsayable, bringing a much-needed sense of peace. “It does not matter how the facts occur in life, it matters how they are told,” wrote the Italian novelist, Elsa Morante.


I am a psychoanalytically-oriented counselor. I pay attention to both word choice and what is not yet sayable in words, but may appear in bodily symptoms, dreams and unwanted behaviors. Rather than put a Band-Aid on the problem, the goal of treatment is to lessen suffering by gaining a deeper understanding of its root causes. My goal is to help you find your authentic desire in life, treating you with both dignity and respect along the way. I do not offer one-size-fits-all answers. What I do offer is a space for you to invent a way through, unique to you. 

Born in Canada, I have lived and traveled around the world. I hold degrees in Art History, Philosophy, and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am a member of the Lacanian Compass group. I speak French and am currently learning Spanish and Greek.

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