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Tasneem Shaik, Psy.D Student

Tasneem Rodriguez, PsyD Candidate

Tasneem Rodriguez, familiarly known as Taz, is currently working on her Clinical Psychology doctorate under the supervision of Dr. Adriane Barroso. She is originally from Durban, South Africa, and received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University.

Tasneem has experience in trauma, depression, anxiety, crisis, and case management. Coming from a South Asian background, she is passionate about providing therapeutic support to people of color and helping to break the stigma of mental illness. She is also researching the impact of generational trauma in today's world.

Her goal as a therapist is to create a space to find peace, heal, and understand one's traumas and past. Currently, Tasneem is also working on her training in psychoanalysis and other humanistic approaches and is eager to continue to do so in her future as a Clinical Psychologist.

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