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Brenda Padilla, Psy.D., LP

Dr. Brenda Padilla has been providing services to the greater community for over fifteen years. She has completed clinical work in various settings, including the school system, community mental health clinics, and most recently at a health clinic based at the University of Houston, where she was also in the role of adjunct faculty and provided supervision to graduate students.

Dr. Padilla provides therapy services to adolescents and adults who are experiencing difficulties related to depression, anxiety, relationships, and changes and transitions in life. Her approach to therapy begins with establishing a safe space that fosters vulnerability and authenticity while providing skills and education to help individuals move closer to their goals. Her therapeutic focus is collaborative and integrates key elements from various theories focused on changing relationship patterns and identifying how one’s thoughts and actions can impact emotions and experiences.

Dr. Padilla is bilingual and provides services in English and Spanish. 

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