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Ellery Woo, Psy.D., LP (she|kui)

Dr. Ellery Woo has focused on professionals identifying as Asian American Pacific Islander, Black Indigenous People of Color, and/or multiethnic across the lifespan including but not limited to cultural stress, intersecting identity development, work-related stress, relationships, life transitions, career, trauma, generational trauma, self-esteem, family of origin, school/work/life balance, anxiety, and grief/loss. 

Dr. Woo provides individual therapy and utilizes an integrative approach drawing on relational-cultural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, somatic experiencing approaches, and trauma-informed interventions. Dr. Woo is adaptive and collaborative and works with clients based on their needs, context, and superpowers. Dr. Woo believes the client’s motivation and therapeutic relationship co-create the space for exploration, connection, healing, and change. 

Dr. Woo is a second generation Hoi’San/Chinese American, neurodivergent, able-bodied, cis womxn who was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She is fluent in English and is committed to life-long multicultural learning. Dr. Woo invites clients to speak in their first and/or native language given that different emotions are held in different languages. 

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