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David Latini, Ph.D., LP

David Latini PhD LP.jpeg

In his 20+ years as a psychologist, much of Dr. Latini's work has been focused on people struggling with anxiety or depression and on the medically ill. As we get older, our health may deteriorate, and we may require help to adapt to those changes. Dr. Latini has particular expertise in behavioral medicine, cancer, chronic illness, and sexual health/sex therapy. He is kink/poly/CNM friendly.


His approach to helping is supportive and collaborative, working with his clients on agreed-upon goals to help them improve their functioning in daily life and in relationships.


Dr. Latini works primarily from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model, with some influence by Emotionally Focused Therapy and insights from dynamic approaches where appropriate. His own personal development work has been influenced by Jungian and Buddhist writings.


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